Video Tutorials (Links will be available soon/Editing links):


Information About Pilates:

Wikipedia “Pilates History, Methods, Principles”
Wikipedia “Pilates Biography”

Information About Feldenkrais Somatic Education:

Articles by Ernie Adams:

User Friendly Pilates: Get Stronger Without Getting Hurt (2015)
The Feldenkrais Method & Parkinson’s Disease (2014)
The Feldenkrais Method and Multiple Sclerosis (2002)

Links to studios and wellness centers that sponsor my work:

Mind Body Dojo, El Cerrito
Albany Community Center, Albany
Healthwell Physical Therapy Group, San Francisco

Rollers, Pilates Ball, Resistance Bands: Go to or
Below are convenient links for apparatus we use in classes:

Overball: inflatable exercise ball (able to inflate or deflate ball for different exercises)
Rollers: (Full Rollers & Half Rollers): For Balance; Self Massage; Core & Movement Awareness Exercises
Resistance Bands
Resistance Cords
Door Anchor for Resistance Band or Resistance Cords